Friday, October 29, 2010

Tatum's Fourth Birthday

Tatum turned four this past month.  I can't believe it.  She's still just a baby, yet she's so grown up.  We love her so much and are delighted that she's ours.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boise Fisher Family Reunion 2010

Sorry, no pictures this time :( I failed miserably in that regard. And Will's been really into shooting his film camera these days, so you'll just have to wait till the film gets developed. A little good old fashion patience is good for you.

We had a wonderfully busy and incredibly fun weekend in Boise. One weekend every other summer, Will's family meets in Boise where his Grandma Ruth lives. 6 years ago I attended the Fisher reunion after dating Will for just TWO MONTHS! That was crazy...and overwhelming! But since then I've been pregnant during every reunion, EXCEPT THIS ONE (don't even think about it!). It was really nice to just thoroughly enjoy a few days together with Will and the girls. It was way too short and we really miss Will while he's been at work since. Tonight, the girls and I leave for NJ which we are SO excited for, but we'll be sad to leave daddy behind for 2 weeks:(

The girls did pretty well on the 8 hours drive to Boise. Oh wait, did I say 8 hours?? I meant 11 hours! I'll explain...we made it out around 10am and hit traffic an hour into it. After about an hour crawl we felt hopeful when the pace picked up. I don't know when, probably around the time we settled into things and in the middle of no where, our rear left tire decided it didn't want to come with us and blew up. Yes, it BLEW UP! Will skillfully brought the van to a stop on a gravel hillside, but because of the hill, and gravel, we couldn't get the van jacked up to change the tire. After a quick call to Les Schwab and a 5 MINUTE wait (yes, just 5 minutes!) we were on our way to buy 2 new tires and some dinner. 3 hours after the tire blew, we were on our way, again. I didn't realize how lucky we really were. Tire blow outs at 75 mph can lead to serious accidents, serious injuries, serious deaths. We lost our rear tire, which isn't as dangerous. We're so lucky to have a daddy that knows exactly what to do. And what a blessing it was that a Les Schwab guy was just minutes away.

(Side Note) We got a 'new' van and the gas gauge is a little silly. Last week I ran out of our driveway! In our driveway! When does that EVER happen??

So we made it to Boise and got a good night sleep. Tatum LOVES the idea of hotels and our hotel had a pool! We had so much fun swimming every chance we got. The reunion was a blast. Will's grandma has 4 boys, those boys have lots of kids, who have lots of kids. We spent our days at the rivers in Boise; swimming, boating, playing. The weather was hot, but beautiful. Marley learned that she LOVES the beach! Tatum learned that she LOVES her cousins and she and Great-Grandma Ruth are kindred spirits. Will learned that wakeboarding at almost 30 years old leads to very sore muscles. I learned lots about the Fisher family through chats with Grandma Ruth. And Saturday night we learned that we needed a new alternator in the van!! Oh man! Will and his dad woke up at 6am Sunday morning to install a new one before we left for home. We got home safe, sound, exhausted, and broke Sunday night. But we had such a fun weekend together. We love our family and we love eachother.

NOW, I need to put this down and start packing for NJ. Seriously, I gotta go!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Weekend

Tatum has been showing me that she has the same intense creativity I did when I was her age. Lately, I've heard her say things like, "Im going to make something out of this!" or "This will make a good robot costume!". Here's a picture of her robot she whipped up in a matter of seconds. I seriously almost dropped dead in awe of her cutting skills. Where did this child come from?!

We attended the wedding of one of Will's friends on Saturday. It was Tatum & Marley's first wedding and you can tell that B. loves wedding cake just as much as her daddy! And of course, Tatum couldn't get enough of the dance floor. I'll work on getting some video of her latest moves.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Look Mom!

"I guess Marley B. learned how to write in Chinese to say I love you because she wrote it on her face! It's on her cheek mom," Tatum the proud big sister.

That's what happens when Tatum gives Marley a highlighter.

Friday, July 9, 2010

For your Enjoyment...

Pretty Marley B.

All that rain IS good for something afterall.